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Inspired and originated in folk roots, adapts the ancient sounds with nowadays electronical and powerfull sounds and comes to senses with electric pulses. This old folk ensemble comprises the flabiol (one hand flute), cornamusa (bagpipe) and tarota (catalan shawm), but adding modern singing. 

A metamorphosis between a folk dance and a rave.

Borinots tqt presents a performance full of light and sound, with the ancestral energy of tradition, together with the videomapping from Vj Sínoca.


It's another way to experience to Catalan Folk Music.



Raquel Avellán - Vocals

Adrià Abellan - Flabiol, backing vocals

Manu Sabaté - Tarota, backing vocals

Gerard Alís - Production, cornamusa, backing vocals

Sílvia Isach - VJ'

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