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Gerard Alís Raurich’s music is characterized by powerful melodies which make the listener travel away, they evoke sensations and awaken the senses, where one feels absorbed in a pictorial and elegant sound atmosphere. These qualities are skilfully used in his compositions aimed at Media.

Trained at the ESMUC (High Music College of Catalonia) and at the SAE Institute, among other courses and complementary stages, his interests led him to experiment with various instruments and musical areas, such as folk music, early music and electronic music, departing from a classical base. His career as a performer allows him to include personal performances, enriching his works and providing them with a wide spectrum of sound. Folk music accompanies him from his beginnings, as one of the distinctive features of his creative work. The ethnic touch is always alive in his compositions, and confers a unique and personal character to his music.


The accurate musical production applied to his creations proves his skills within this area. Gerard Alís works in his compositions with a high level of accuracy, conferring a well crafted result and a high sound quality, easily empathizing with his coworkers’ ideas.

Gerard has the ability to give exactly what he is being asked for the audiovisual projects he is working on. His original soundtrack’s signature has always an epic, deep, genuine, rich in nuances final sound. He always proves versatility in his solutions and above all, delivers a huge, creative sound quality. He is a safe bet.

Eloi Aymerich

Audiovisual Director and Cultural Producer

Working with Gerard Alís has been a pleasure. He is a perfectionist and a very constructive person. In order to design the “Melting Pot” documentary’s soundtrack, Gerard took as a starting point a thorough investigation of Indian music and of melodies performed by instruments like the Shehnai, so to create a unique melody that blended the melodies surrounding Human Towers. He achieved a musical dialogue around the meeting of Catalan and Indian cultures.

Marta Saleta

Director of "Melting Pot" documentary

Gerard’s compositions always meet expectations. The first time you listen to his music, you already get captivated by the power of his melodies, a source of inspiration, for both avant-garde performances and other audiovisual works. His musical talent and inventive skills provide him with a wide range of sound possibilities, that along with his particular style, always manage to produce the proper work.

Sílvia Isach

Visual Artist

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